Bjs Travel Privacy Policy esteem your privacy at the top priority and endeavors to make it as   much confidential as possible. Our website includes a privacy statement that highlights on how much concerning we are for the information pertinent to our visitors and customers. Meanwhile, we encourage all our clients and visitors to peruse the privacy policy in order to avoid any unnecessary issues or problems resulting eventually.


Information We Collect
While we are committed to provide information/services to our customers, collecting basic information related to them like name, job title, company name, address, email address, phone number etc. is necessary for us as per our company’s prerequisites.

The collected information basically helps us in learning our client's intentions, needs and the potential ways how we can serve them better. We expressly collect the information from every individual on personal basis and never from external sources. This means that the information you provide is the only details we preserve.

We also have Non-Disclosure Agreement policy that gives you surety that your personal or order details are within to us and we do not share, lease, divulge your information to any second or third parties. So you make certain that your personal information is best preserved at our website. To keep up failsafe security measures, we soundly make use of related electronic, administrative and physical techniques to keep your information as much confidential as possible.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is integrated on the hard disk drive of the user’s computer that includes information about him/her. Cookies are largely helpful in saving the time of visitors while they are visiting our website. If a user avoids using the cookie, he/she may still use our site consistently. Cookies are also helpful in keeping track of the interests, motives, needs of our users that helps us in expanding the horizons of our services. In this regard, we use IP addresses to assess latest trends, administration of the website, tracking a user’s motions, and gathering demographic details. IP addresses are unlinked to the personal information of the users.

Importantly, our website makes uses of third party advertisements for promoting its products and services. These advertisers may bring the “cookies” and/or “web beacons” into use while advertising (just like Google via the Google Adsense program) on our website. Meanwhile we want to apprise you that some of your specific details like IP address, your ISP, and the web browser used by you to visit our website. This is basically done for geo targeting purports.

Our website takes every basic precaution to safeguard our users' personal information. When users submit extremely confidential information on the website, it is protected both online and offline at the same time. When our automated registration form requests users to enter extremely private information (like credit card number or social security number), the information is encrypted and is protected via the award-winning SSL software in the industry.

Release of Information
Our website Is although committed to preserve your information in best ways possible and preventing it to get into the access of the unauthorized sources or unknown parties, yet, we are sometimes bound to release your information if any legal issue or dispute challenge or go against with the rights of our website/company.

Change And Notification boasts of having full rights on this privacy policy. We are the exclusive administrator to change the policy’s terms and conditions from time to time. The change is actually done and maintained to keep abreast with the developing, changing industry and to serve our clients and visitors better. Meanwhile, we positively assure all our visitors and clients to notify them of any potential changes in the privacy policy proviso when made.

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